Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Homesteading Dreams?

When I was a kid my parents moved us from Toronto out to the boonies... I mean serious boonies.  We lived in a farmhouse on a road where all the families shared one phone line.  Do you remember those?  Our ring was two longs and a short.We shared the line for two years before we each got our own line! Anywho, I liked it until I was about 12.. then it seemed so boring and lonely especially in the summer as all my friends lived in a town.We didn't have animals, just a dog.  I swore I would never live rurally again!! Nope not going to happen... ok so 8 years ago my husband asked me if I would consider moving to a farm  nearby as the house we lived in was 1000 sq ft and there were 7 of us.  So I prayed about it and I felt that yep we were supposed to move. I was apprehensive but I believed I was doing what God wanted me to do , so I went.

The house was very large and we had about 100 acres... I totally loved the experience but the added expenses of living there made us give it up, and move back into a small town after 18 mns.
While at the farm, I discovered that I had always felt that I was book smart but couldn't really learn how to do outdoorsy things, and that this was a lie.  I was quick to learn how to raise chicks (66 meat and layers) and didn't lose one.  I ventured out into turkeys.. and raised beautiful big turkeys.  I did lots of things that I seriously never thought I would ever do, and all the while was so thankful to be there!!

Since then I have wanted my own little homestead.  I didnt know it was called a homestead, I just wanted a piece of land that was ours, that we could grow whatever animals we wanted to feed out family, and a garden and SPACE!! I want my kids to be able to have animals of their own, to sleep outside, and to learn as much as possible about nature.  They are growing older quite a bit now and they only have a little bit of time before they move on to their own lives.  This time is precious!

In February, I asked my husband why we were waiting to go and pursue our dream?  Biggest reason was money... we have all of our connections for our business here, so what are we going to do for work?  Sigh, this is a true statement... well  we decided that we are going for it!!
I have a homesteading binder that has different ideas I want to try, animals and fowl I want to look into.  I love my binder and learned out keeping one from a youtube sight   https://www.youtube.com/user/dirtpatcheaven.

Well thats why we are renovating like mad, and searching  for properties.  I am looking forward to all the hard work and satisfaction  that comes with it!

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  1. My daughter and her husband did this.. they sold their large lovely house in Aurora, and found a place with three acres outside Coburg in ontario. She could still commute to work and he could stay and work on the land and help his neighbours. They love their little own place, and would n ot change to anything else now. They have been there three years and I am going in two weeks to visit. My first visit for 11 years, and cannot wait.. I loved their other homes nearbye Vancouver and then Aurora and now this one.. you are so lucky to be able to live in such a lovely country.. I would miss england, but if I was widowed, I would certainly take time and spend it in Canada for longer visits**