Sunday, June 7, 2015

June already?!

I absolutely cannot believe that half of the year is already gone!  Seems like it was too fast and I am excited and nervous about what lay ahead in this year.  We are selling our home, as soon as the renos are complete it goes up for sale, and hopefully it sells super fast.  We are moving an hour north so we can buy land and start a little homestead.  We are going to have to rent a home for a while because we would like to build without a mortgage.  
Anywat , here is some of our everyday stuff here in Ontario.
 This is our vegetable and herb gardens.  I have three types of lettuce, herbs, four types of tomatoes, a pumpkin plant, zucchini, cucs, peas and beans... and raspberries.

I bought this rhubarb at the farmers market.  Wasnt sure what I was going to do with it then, found this DELISH recipe on   This coffee cake is moist and a perfect blend of cake and fruit... worth the time.  I did exchange one cup of rhubarb for blueberries  and it was lovely!  (  you should check out Jennifers' blog, she is down to earth and very witty!)

                      This is one of the irises in my garden... I simply love the copper colour :)

Lastly, I treated myself to the hoop pack from   I love to stitch and haven't in a long time as I had taught myself to crochet and had been focusing on that.  Well, I was inspired by some amazingly talented ladies on Instagram, and I am going make some Christmas gifts using these nifty little hoops :)

Hope you all have  wonderful week!!

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  1. Your garden is looking so sweet!
    My mom just gave me some rhubarb so I am looking forward to making it into something soon. My husband might enjoy a coffee cake too.
    Your copper iris is indeed very pretty. I love iris and am delighted because right now the wild iris are blooming by the river.