Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Soooo   since the last time I posted a blog, or even had the slightest inkling that I wanted to share anything  about my life, we have decided to finally chase our dreams and move north.
Our very loose plan is to buy a piece of property, as much acreage as we can afford,  save for the next two years and build a cordwood home, and be MORTGAGE  FREE  !!!
Doesn't that sound dreamy ?!
We are in the reno stage of the game, so another three weeks of shifting our house around to accommodate new flooring and paint throughout and our house will be up for sale!!
I am excited, and nervous, at the prospect of moving two hours away from where I have lived my whole life, however I can not puit off any longer the need for space and the longing for a homestead.  The benefits for my family, especially my children outweigh any doubts I feel.
Pics to follow of our renos:)