Friday, July 24, 2015

Life in Neutral

I have mentioned many times that we are going to be selling our home so that we can move to a place with more space and in the next five years we can build a home , and NOT have a mortgage !  This is our dream, a way to prep for retirement,to save money so one day we can retire.

We own our own business so we don't have a pension coming form an employer. Now that we are in our 40's , we are thinking more and more about what retirement will look like.

So our house is up for sale, it looks lovely!  Everything is fresh and new... now we need a buyer!  I feel like we are in neutral, just waiting for the next portion of our lives to start... kinda like when you are pregnant,  you find out and then you have 9 whole long months to wait before your little one arrives.  Thats what I feel like our family is waiting for!

Summer is here so I took my younger kids to a small zoo near our home.  I love that the zoo really cares for the animals and you can see the care they take in the size of the pens and the way the animals respond to the visitors and the staff.

My youngest kid loves peacocks and did a great job capturing this beautiful fellow.  The middle picture is  an animal that looks like a combo of a rabbit and a guinea pig, (forget the name), and a wee pot bellied pig loving the watermelon he is eating  Too cute!

This giraffe was staring at me to see if I had any banana or pellets for him... I felt so small next to him, I am only 5 feet tall and he was leaned in so close    Love giraffes, they are so amazing!

I am working on a new embroidery project and will share more on it as I get a bit further along, but for now I am going to go back to work on it! Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)

Soli Deo gloria