Saturday, May 16, 2015

May Long Weekend

I love a long weekend!!  The thought of having an extra day to play, or putter, or sleep in... who wouldn't love an extra day off?!
We have decided to go to a Blue Jays baseball game Monday, a family trip that we now do at least two or three times a year.  My husband and I will also go on dates down to a game once or twice as I enjoy watching the games live.

Spring seems to be a pretty busy time, so I have lots to catch up on.
 My son was invited by a friend to go to prom.  He is 17, and is such a handsome, funny, intelligent person.  I am thankful I was chosen to be his mother and am proud of the strong Christian man he is becoming.

This is my front garden, I have waited months for the snow to finally melt away and to see some green pop up.  I was heartened two weeks ago when I had grass on the lawn and a single brave daffodil braved the still cold temps and bloomed in full glorious yellow!  And now I have spring in my garden, tulips of different shades, hyacinths,violets,and my bleeding heart has returned.  I am especially proud of my flower garden as I have put a lot of effort into restoring what I feel was a lovely garden years ago, but was allowed to go to seed by previous owners.  My rose of Sharon bushes will start to fill out in June and will blossom late July. They are so beautiful that they helped sell the house to me when we first came here 7 yrs ago to look at the property.


Mothers Day was last weekend, and I has a lovely day with my family. My oldest daughter wasn't able to be home, but the rest of the kids, John and I  spent the day going to church in the town we plan on moving to in the summer. We lunched at a sweet little family restaurant with fresh local ingredients (great find), and then as a special treat, a movie in an older theatre.
It was a great day, I felt loved and got to spend it with my favourite people, it doesn't  get better than that!!
                                                                                          Little fountain in a park near the restaurant we went to for lunch.  Yes that is my daughter riding the canon in the background.

                                                   Movie theatre with two screens.

                                                         Flowers from my girls :)

Oh how I wish my phone could capture the colours of my afghan better.  I LOVE the colours I am using, they are a sea and sand kind of feel.  I am making this for our queen sized bed, and hope to have it finished for Christmas.  It is now getting to the awkward, heavy stage just in time for 90 degree weather. Not well planned out perhaps ... but when the creative juices start to flow sometimes I put practicality to the sidelines.

This lovely soft leather loveseat found a home here today.  I found it at a thrift store for, (are you sitting down?)   $35 !!!   I am so excited ,  The  colour  is perfect for me, and the seat is so comfortable!!  Yep, I am in love:)

This is homemade eczema cream for my husband.  I found this excellent recipe on The Elliot Homestead site  It smells really good, and feels cooling to use.  I will let you know how we fare with it.

I took this picture this week while at work.  A gloriously bright sunny day here in Ontario.

Soli Deo gloria

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happy May

May is here and I can see spring all around me.  If you have never been to Canada in the spring, you should make an effort to visit during May or early June... everything is bursting with life and it smells AMAZING.

As you may have read that we are knee deep in renovation sat our house.  The idea is to renovate, sell, buy land , rent a house and build a home on the property.  So renovations are being done daily... we have 3/4 of the work complete.  We just completed refinishing the hardwood floors, my husband sanded for over 24 hrs, and then we hand stained the floor, then two coats of clear coat. Here is the before and after of our floors.

This one of the bedrooms floors stripped.

Look at this after picture. The colour is rich, and beautiful. So impressed by my husbands abilities!!

We are seriously looking at this property for our little homestead.  It is 9.52 acres, and is wooded, has a lovely little river that runs through it, and there is a large hill at the back of the property.  We are pretty much in love with everything that it offers, and we are apprehensive about the trees, and  bringing in a road... however no property is going to be perfect!

Happy Wednesday !!