Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Trying Something New

After a very busy weekend, I am so glad to be able to sit for a moment and write .  I look forward to connecting with friends on line.   I find writing so relaxing...

So, I have been wanting to try to make my own granola for a long time, but I could never seem to get around to it. This week I finally got it together and I found a recipe on Pinterest that I thought looked promising.

Side note, do you love Pinterest?  I have found so many useful, smart intriguing ideas on Pinterest... I enjoy searching for ideas on there. I have actually found a couple of great  blogs, such as theelliotthomestead.com   This blog is an excellent source of  information, is full of humanity, laughter and is writen beautifully.   Ok, so two side notes:)

Back to granola..  here is the recipe I tried http://www.recipetineats.com/homemade-granola-muesli/
The recipe is easy and yummy... however I found the cooking temp a bit high as mine got brown quickly, so I turned my temp down to 275.   The cost was about $3.60  for two 1L mason jars. 

I love the granola I made and am glad I found the recipe... perhaps I should make a practice of trying out new recipes.  Trying new foods really isnt in my personality but I am trying to venture out.

This picture is what my garage looks like right now  My husband is refacing garage including a new door.  This is a facelift for the front of out house, bring the curb appeal up to scratch.  Hope it will be done this week.

For EAster I dyed these eggs using al natural ingredients from my fridge.  Beet juice, grape juice and vinegar was all I used.  They turned out pretty...

Lastly, we celebrated Easter, my oldest daughter came to visit and we had such a lovely time.  I love having the whole family together.

Happy  Tuesday!

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  1. I love granola too!! My daughter makes it homemade all the time!! God bless the rest of your day.