Friday, April 3, 2015

Thursdays are for Reminiscing

I have a job that allows me to think.. a lot.  I spend hours  thinking, planning, wondering, 
praying, deciding, and then rethinking everything all over again because maybe I had missed something. Yep, I have a lot of time.  Thursday is a big day for me because the weekend is coming and with a large family there is always tons to do in on Saturday, as Sunday is a day of rest...

Except this weekend.  Easter weekend means that we have two extra days, more can be accomplished however, we are taking Friday morning and Sunday to reflect on the death and resurrection of our Lord.
Easter... what a total blessing for mankind!!  I feel so privileged to be chosen to know God intimately.

This is a picture taken from the back of our church property. I love that I live in country where is is lawful to go to church and be able to put up a structure during our high holiday to celebrate Christs death and resurrection.  

Easter is also a sign that spring is in the air.  So I picked up these beautiful tulips for our table. I love purple tulips, they are my favourite coloured tulip, and I am so glad you can purchase them as my tulips won't be up for at least another two weeks.

Lastly, I wanted to quickly tell you that I was invited to take part in a delightful French cafe at my daughters school.  My youngest is in an extended French program, and the learn foods, serving of food, food prep and shopping the kids prepared a French menu and invited parents in to the cafe to try out their handy work .  I had a ball, the food was lovely, I chose a fruit salad to start , followed by a small helping of poutine, I finished with tea and a cookie.  My daughter was my server, everything was conducted en francais, and I was  impressed by the entire event.  Have to say that my daughters teacher this year is amazing and I am thrilled that she is in his class.

Here is a picture of my daughters placemat made just for me:)

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. We are so very blessed to have a Savior who was willing to die, be buried and then who rose again for us!!

    Love the purple tulips. They are certainly a wonderful spring flower!
    Your daughter's French café sounds very fun!

  2. A very blessed Resurrection Day to you and your family! The tulips are beautiful on the table cover but the placemat is a treasure :)