Saturday, April 18, 2015


I love this time of year, it feels like the whole of nature is waking up, warming up and embracing the warm weather. And I guess that is exactly what is happening...we are shaking off  winter !
This is a picture of my flowers that are beginning to come out now.  In other countries spring starts so much earlier than here, but in Ontario we are slower to warm up.

When I first took this picture I felt it was so sad, but in reality it tells of nature bursting forth and fulfilling the purpose God has for it.  Nature truly tells of Gods character, He has order and you can see it in the seasons, the sun rise and sun set, migration of birds... creator God is amazing!

This is how I plan my veg and herb garden of the year.  I have 28 different herbs and veg I am going to plant this year.  Everything from tomatoes to basil... I love planting the seeds  and watching the seedling erupt and unfurl.

Before and after of our garage door.  My husband picked the door, put it in, and connected the garage   door opener.  He did an amazing job, the lines are perfect with the widows in the front of the house and I was impressed with the new look of the garage.  Scored some major points with me:)

I am a bath person.  I love to soak at night before bed... I prefer bathing to a shower anyday of the week!  My birthday was last month and I am totally blessed to have a good friend that knows me well.  My friend is talented and has a small home business making soaps and bath products.  This is part of my birthday present, an amazing bath soak  called Forest Floor Soak that smells of the woodsy and is so soothing!!  And my favourite whipped soap is Absinthe, leaves my skin feeling moisturized and smelling faintly of licorice.

On my way grocery shopping then gardening this afternoon..


  1. I am loving seeing little bits of grass and plants coming up too. So exciting! Happy Gardening to you. We are dreaming about that too. My kids planted a bunch of seeds inside a while ago so we have little tomatoes, peppers, herbs and flowers growing (inside still). Your new bath products sound fun. I love homemade soaps but I almost always prefer a shower to a bath.

  2. Oh, I love planning out my garden every year! From that picture of your little pots, you are ready to get you seeds going! Oh exciting!!!