Monday, March 23, 2015

Photos on a Monday

Yesterday when I was writing and describing our renovations I didn't think to include pictures.  So this morning after I returned from work I got to work.
This is our livingroom during the renovations

Fireplace is original to the house but is not functional

New fireplace designed and built by my truly talented husband
Also note the beautiful new flooring

New tile floors in powder room and back hallway

Chandelier in diningroom 

Backsplash is finally grouted and looks beautiful with the new floor
I am so pleased with all the work we have been doing and I know that our house is going to sell quickly  I just hope we are able to find something we love when our house sells


  1. Hi Elaine, I came by to return the blog visit and thank you for taking the time to comment on mine. Your original fireplace sounds like ours, nonfunctional red brick. Your husband did an absolutely fantastic job with the new one! We are slowly repairing and renovating our old house, so I love posts like these. It's fun to see what others do and why. I get great ideas for us that way, LOL

    1. Thank you for stopping to see our renos! I agree my husband is talented:)

  2. Your renovations look really neat! Great job! It is very satisfying to be able to do those sorts of projects yourself. Hope the house selling goes well!

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