Thursday, August 7, 2014

Learning to Blog

I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the summer so far.  I decided to give blogging a shot  and I seriously had no idea that it would mean learning so much or be so much fun.  I figured that you set up a background, and font, then start writing.   This is only partially true.   I did pick a pretty background, my font works for me... I have lots that I could and will chat about, but there are so many things I would like to add to my blog that I need to learn about, such as a recipe box, links to other blog I totally love, you know things I would like to share.
 However, I am apparently blog impaired as I am having a  seriously hard time learning how to do these simple things.  Sad as I usually find this kind of stuff easy and very logical.
So eventually you will be able to find the pizza recipe that I found that is fabulous, or a way to preserve plums, I am so looking forward to being able to save all of those things!!
I wonder how many people out there have things that they could share but don,t think they have what it takes to communicate it to others.
Okay, that is my little spiel about blogging and my inability to learn something new... now onto a more interesting topic.
My garden is doing well and we had the first of my yellow beans tonight:)  I feel so relaxed when I am in my veg garden, there is not another place on the planet that makes me feel that good save my bathtub (I love a good soak.)
We have dreams of owning our own little homestead, and when we do I will have a large plot of land, and be able to plant enough food for our family, families in need that we may know and help with the local soup kitchen...
I am heading off to bed to dream of our little homestead:)

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