Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happy May

May is here and I can see spring all around me.  If you have never been to Canada in the spring, you should make an effort to visit during May or early June... everything is bursting with life and it smells AMAZING.

As you may have read that we are knee deep in renovation sat our house.  The idea is to renovate, sell, buy land , rent a house and build a home on the property.  So renovations are being done daily... we have 3/4 of the work complete.  We just completed refinishing the hardwood floors, my husband sanded for over 24 hrs, and then we hand stained the floor, then two coats of clear coat. Here is the before and after of our floors.

This one of the bedrooms floors stripped.

Look at this after picture. The colour is rich, and beautiful. So impressed by my husbands abilities!!

We are seriously looking at this property for our little homestead.  It is 9.52 acres, and is wooded, has a lovely little river that runs through it, and there is a large hill at the back of the property.  We are pretty much in love with everything that it offers, and we are apprehensive about the trees, and  bringing in a road... however no property is going to be perfect!

Happy Wednesday !!


  1. The floors are beautiful!
    The property with woods and a river sounds very nice!

  2. Great to read your blog especially as I see you are in Ontario where my daughter lives with her family. She is there for the last fourteen years and loved Canada. I too had five very special wonderful kids and all grown up now.. so will be back to see how you get on.. those renovations are looking amazing, what a talent your husband has.. just so as you know, I shall be back ..

  3. Abbi, thank you, I am in love with the floors!!

  4. Janzi, I am so glad you found my little blog! Your daughter lives in Ontario? Have you visited her here? I love meeting women who have five kids, it feels like a special group that I am blessed enough to belong to! I look forward to meeting you here again.